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Yuquan Holloway

Principal Consultant

Yuquan Holloway is a leader in the fields of business and IT. She is the Principal Consultant of Holloway Consulting Group, a consulting practice that focuses on helping corporate teams deliver IT and transformation projects, resolve systemic process issues, and train and coach associates on project management and Lean Six Sigma principals. She graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and holds an MBA from Georgia State University.
With over 20 years of experience in leading large cross-functional initiatives, Yuquan has a track record of driving successful change. Through her work, she strives to demystify project management, create a culture of standard work and repeatable processes, stabilize and simplify core applications, and reduce critical incidents.

Episode 52: Yuquan Holloway

Episode 52: Yuquan Holloway

March 29, 2023

Sometimes you meet someone who truly strikes you as genuine and intriguing.... Yuquan Holloway was that person for me... The moment I met her I wanted to know her story. Yuquan uses her education in engineering, coupled with…