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Megan Miller

Megan Miller is a professional speaker, creator and host of Attention to Intention podcast, and self-proclaimed Intentional Living Expert.

Over the past 15 years, her laser focus on climbing up the corporate ladder resulted in a successful career as a Sales Executive in the Hospitality industry, managing a portfolio of 150 domestically based hotels producing $1B in managed revenues.

Raised by a single mother in rural Pennsylvania, inflicted with a speech impediment and feeling like she had to fight for her seat at the table, Megan clawed her way to the corner office and landed her dream job. Despite being recognized for her accomplishments, Megan felt empty and unfulfilled. She found herself disconnected from life, $20k in debt, in a loveless relationship, and binge drinking to numb the pain. Her wakeup call came when she was gifted a Tony Robbins box cd set and soaked up the words like it was water on a hot summer day. After realizing that she was living in a lonely, dark world focused on hustle and achievement, Megan made a choice to be brave and get still, and start using power of using intention to live a more inspired life.

Megan is dedicated to offering high performing go-getting professional women simple, daily micro-steps for putting attention to intention so they can stop sleepwalking through life and start living with inspiration and fulfillment.

When not delivering her message of intentional living, Megan can be found with her husband Michael in their New Jersey home that they share with their 13-year-old beagle rescue, actively sweating it out with her Peloton community.

Go to Megan-Miller.com to join her community on Instagram and listen to her weekly podcast on all major streaming platforms, Attention to Intention

Episode 18: Megan Miller

July 12, 2022

Detoxing off the drug of achievement starts with microsteps of self-care and choosing to show up for yourself. Megan Miller talks with Angela about previously finding validation in being busy, closing deals and hustling to a…

Guest: Megan Miller