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Kate Byars is the Founder of The Goodlife Institute and Creator of the Corporate Women Unleashed program. She is a two-time, Inc 500 founder - recognized as leading one of the five hundred fastest-growing private companies in America. She is also a three-time American Business Award Stevie Award winner in the categories of Women Helping Women, Women in Business, and Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

Kate's story began in 2003 when she burned out from a successful executive career and went to live on an island. after years of putting her personal life on the back burner.

She soon realized that her burnout was preventable; and that how women are taught to succeed isn't working. The trade-off between a successful career and a fulfilling personal life is causing women to either step back from positions of influence or prevents women from stepping further into leadership.

Determined to find a new way, Kate returned to Corporate America in 2007. She used her expertise in human behavior and sheer grit to create a new approach to success - one that includes human well-being without sacrificing results.

In 2016, Kate shared her experience on LinkedIn and the article went viral. Women worldwide reached out to share their own stories of burnout and asked for help. Encouraged by the outreach, Kate launched the Goodlife Institute, teaching successful professional women how to take control of their careers and simultaneously enjoy rich, rewarding personal lives.

Episode 44: Kate Byars

Jan. 31, 2023

As women we constantly push ourselves to the brink of burnout trying to be everything to everyone... the best leader, spouse, mother, coworker, volunteer, daughter, and the list goes on! Kate Byars has been there, suffered i…

Guest: Kate Byars