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Jenna Banks

Author / Speaker / Social Euntrepreneru

work has been featured in Forbes, ABC, NBC, Authority Magazine and various other media outlets.

Against all odds, she pivoted from the self-loathing survivor of a traumatic childhood and a nearly fatal suicide, to a fully empowered woman who knows her worth.
Following her passion for entrepreneurship, she started a home-based business with just a GED, $400 and a laptop. She sold that business in 2019 for $500,000.

Having achieved business success, she’s now focused on her mission to fulfill what she sees as her ultimate life’s purpose; helping women embrace their value and power through self-love. Her new book titled “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness And Success Through Self-Love” recently released and is available bookstores across the USA as well as online.

Episode 4: Jenna Banks

March 29, 2022

Jenna Banks, Author of "Love Yourself More: How To Find Happiness and Success Through Self-Love", talks with Angela Gennari about her passion for helping women recognize how PowerFULL they are, and how to tap into their inne…

Guest: Jenna Banks