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Jeannie Moravits Smith, creates breakthrough experiences from the inside out, allowing her clients to create an extremely healthy relationships with themselves and others. Jeannie is the founder and CEO of Dynamism Leadership, formerly HR-Rx, a leadership coaching and consulting firm established in 2005. Jeannie has helped thousands of leaders learn how to take charge of the catabolic thoughts and feelings that control their minds and how to use anabolic energy to act and embrace change. Prior to HR-Rx, she held executive leadership roles at a variety of organizations. Jeannie holds certifications in leadership coaching, energy leadership, & human management, as well as a Master of Science degree in Human Resources.

Fulfilling her passion to help individuals and teams maximize their human potential, Jeannie has taken the stage to share her decades of experience, knowledge, and skills. She is highly regarded for her inspirational speaking ability. She is the developer and facilitator of several sought-after coaching and training programs and is featured regularly on podcasts, TV shows, and other media outlets.

Episode 20: Jeannie Moravits Smith

Aug. 3, 2022

Where are all the employees going during the Great Resignation??? This is the question on the minds of so many business leaders, and in this episode, Jeannie Moravits Smith addresses it. Jeannie is the founder of Dynamism Le…