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Inbal Claudio

Founder of Like Minded Collective

Inbal Claudio was born in Israel, and aside from a 4-year stint in North Carolina has spent the majority of her life in Southern California where she currently lives with her husband and 2 little daughters. As a candle maker, turned tech founder, her passion for networking with women entrepreneurs has led her to create Like Minded Collective, social media platform for female founders. Her mission is to make sure every single female founder, no matter what stage of business they’re in, know that they matter.

Episode 24: Inbal Claudio

Sept. 6, 2022

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and scary place when you are starting out. As a military spouse, it is even more complicated when you are frequently relocated. Inbal Claudio needed to reinvent her candle business when …

Guest: Inbal Claudio