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Chi Chi Okezie

Authoress / Consultant/ Entrepreneur

Chi Chi Okezie is owner / producer of SIMPLEnetworking, LLC. SN is a consulting firm based in Metro-Atlanta, GA, which specializes in business networking, diversity and inclusion and cultural awareness consulting and training. Chi Chi has spent the past 16 years assisting corporations, top universities, institutions and federal agencies with professional development training. She is trilingual, the author of 2 networking books (“SIMPLEnetworking” and “Networking Made Simple”), blogs as the Champion Networker. As well as, published hundreds of online articles as a Diamond Expert for EzineArticles.com Her company was granted a Proclamation for Business Networking Day for November 13th in 2017.

Through her company, Chi Chi has presented keynotes, hosted events and created training programs. She has also developed workshops and curriculum in various topics of: business networking, diversity and inclusion, branding, entrepreneurship, ethics and integrity, etc. A unique value proposition is including culture, arts and entertainment to broaden the learning and development experiences.

Additionally, Chi Chi is the recipient of several awards including Class of 40 Under 40 Connect Magazine and Rejuvenate Magazine. She is heavily involved with her alumni association and serves as Alumni Counselor to the Campus Life Committee of the Emory Board of Trustees. As well as, Executive Committee Member of the Oxford College of Emory Board of Counselors. Chi Chi holds active memberships with the FACC-ATL, ADMAG (Atlanta Diversity Management Advocacy Group), ASAP (American Society of Administrative Professionals) and Turning Point Church.

Episode 13: Chi Chi Okezie

May 31, 2022

As an ambitious and dynamic child of Nigerian immigrants, Chi Chi Okezie has been creating opportunities for herself throughout her entire life. It is human nature to want to connect with others, but when you add value to th…