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Caroline Holke

Caroline Holke CEO

Caroline had a pretty good life on paper- happily married, 2 kids, leadership position in corporate marketing, good friends and family. But she wasn't quite happy and knew that it started with her relationship with alcohol.

Today she is a Drink Less Coach. She helps women get rid of the shitty parts of drinking, and this doesn't mean that they quit drinking. But that they create a life that they wouldn’t dream of numbing out of.

Most people focus on what to DO to cut back on their drinking, Caroline has a skill for helping her clients tease out what thoughts are driving their drinking in the first place. She teaches her clients how to apply critical thinking skills to their own thinking because addressing the habit at the root cause is what helps create sustainable change.

Episode 33: Caroline Holke

Nov. 15, 2022

How is your relationship with alcohol.... really? Most of us will fall into the middle ground of "it's mostly fine", but is it a good idea to cut back a bit for our overall health, relationships and well being? More importan…