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Amanda Bear

Amanda Bear is a Senior Security Specialist Insider Threat Investigator. Amanda has recently joined the private sector after spending over nine years in law enforcement where she worked from a local level up to a federal level, joint task force with the ATF). She has worked on cases ranging from anti-corruption and gang to domestic violence and homicides. Amanda holds several specialized qualifications, including Defense Tactics and Firearms Instructor which makes her one of the few females in the US holding both certifications. She was the first female to go out for the North Metro Swat Team. She has recently been inducted as Treasurer for ASIS Atlanta. Amanda continues to be a reserve police officer so she can continue to help improve her community and those around her.

Current: Full Time with Cognizant, Contract with Group Nine. Reserve PD (instructor)
Past: Fulton Co. DA, Milton Police and Cobb County
Degree in Biotechnology
Certifications : Gang investigations, Defense Tactics, Firearms and General Instructor.

Episode 39: Amanda Bear

Dec. 27, 2022

From biotech to law enforcement to insider threat assessment.... Amanda Bear has an innate curiosity that enables her to solve complex problems while being relatable and engaging. Not just a great investigator, Amanda Bear i…

Guest: Amanda Bear