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Alyse began her life as a child of unfortunate circumstances. Through those tough experiences,
she was determined to make the world a better place for others and used her desire to escape
her surroundings as fuel to push others forward. At age 21, with a measly $63 dollars to her
name, she packed up everything she owned and set out on a journey to change her life.
By the age of 23, she was managing a multi-million-dollar property asset in Charlotte, NC. She
went on to become one of the youngest Sales & Marketing representatives for a custom home
builder in the Charlotte region, where she developed a love of helping people achieve their own
piece of the American dream through home ownership.
Alyse would go on to spend many years in corporate roles, consistently pushing back against
the status quo to create change within systems of injustice and inequity. Reflecting on her
journey from humble beginnings to success, she contemplated how to give back to children that
need it most. As a need-based scholarship recipient in her childhood, Alyse recognized the
significance her education had in her ability to stop the cycle of generational poverty.
With fierce determination and a belief that she could make a difference in growing funding for
financial aid and scholarships for under-privileged children, Alyse founded RedefinED Advisors
LLC, a strategic development partner for non-public and private schools and offers a wide array
of services to help schools grow funding and enrollment. As CEO of RedefinED Advisors LLC,
Alyse continues her lifelong mission through the Triumph Over Tragedy Scholarship Award,
which provides additional scholarships to students that have demonstrated their ability to
triumph over tragedy and who have remained resilient in the face of adversity.

Episode 60: Alyse Maslonik

Episode 60: Alyse Maslonik

May 23, 2023

Our commonality is in struggle, not success. We have all been through difficult circumstances, but the tenacity and strength gained in those experiences are what may fuel our passions and enable us to reach success.... as lo…