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Adriana Gavazzoni


Adriana is a highly respected Brazilian attorney, former law school professor, and author of a textbook on international contract law. But her passion has always been to write fiction, and thanks to a personal crisis, she finally gave herself permission to chase that dream. She had to not only face the usual fears of most writers but in addition the fear of how her work could negatively effect her career. Brazil is a male dominant country, and their legal profession is very conservative. But she did it and she has become a best selling award winning author of legal thrillers as well as historical romances. She is also an expert on work life balance managing her legal career, writing, several personal pursuits, and helping manage her large Brazilian/Italian family. She is a wonderful story teller that you are going to fall in love with.

Episode 37: Adriana Gavazzoni

Dec. 13, 2022

Adriana Gavazzoni is used to exhibiting incredible strength and determination in her very male dominated career in Brazil. As an accomplished Attorney and Law Professor, Adriana realized that life is too short to not chase y…