Welcome to the Pretty Powerful Podcast with Angela Gennari


Episode 26: Anna Runyan

Sept. 20, 2022

Have you ever wondered what you were born to do for a living? Do you already have a desire to pursue your dream career, but don't know how to get started? Anna Runyan, the creator of CLASS: The Love Your Work and Life System…

Guest: Anna Runyan

Episode 25: Dara Rosenbaum

Sept. 13, 2022

Contracts, corporations, and litigation... oh my! Navigating the yellow brick road of business is filled with legal obstacles, but today we are asking ALL of the questions to help clarify those troubling scenarios. Our guest…

Episode 24: Inbal Claudio

Sept. 6, 2022

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and scary place when you are starting out. As a military spouse, it is even more complicated when you are frequently relocated. Inbal Claudio needed to reinvent her candle business when …

Guest: Inbal Claudio

Episode 23: Dannie DeNovo

Aug. 23, 2022

How did Dannie DeNovo go from a lifetime of suffering from depression to becoming a renowned Happiness Coach? She found her "why"! Dannie explains to Angela in this episode how she was able to not just overcome, but thrive, …

Guest: Dannie DeNovo

Episode 22: Mari Anne Snow

Aug. 16, 2022

Are you still trying to effectively manage your remote workforce, or perhaps find that ideal balance in a hybrid work environment? At her Remote Nation Institute, Mari Anne Snow is rewriting the rules of leadership in this n…

Episode 21: Midori Verity

Aug. 9, 2022

As a mindset coach, TV show host, and seasoned entrepreneur for 25+ years, Midori Verity assists ambitious professionals to unlock their potential by replacing their subconscious mental barriers. Her clients go from feeling …

Guest: Midori Verity

Episode 20: Jeannie Moravits Smith

Aug. 3, 2022

Where are all the employees going during the Great Resignation??? This is the question on the minds of so many business leaders, and in this episode, Jeannie Moravits Smith addresses it. Jeannie is the founder of Dynamism Le…

Episode 19: Carissa McIntyre

July 19, 2022

Author Carissa McIntyre, also known as Lady Mack Xo, is a self published author and speaker from Ontario Canada. From fleeing a domestic violence relationship with 4 children in her care in 2017, she has since gone on to pub…

Episode 18: Megan Miller

July 12, 2022

Detoxing off the drug of achievement starts with microsteps of self-care and choosing to show up for yourself. Megan Miller talks with Angela about previously finding validation in being busy, closing deals and hustling to a…

Guest: Megan Miller

Episode 17: Dana Dickson

July 5, 2022

Protecting your intellectual property is one of the most important things you can do while building your brand... but where do you start? Dana Dickson is an award-wining Trademark Attorney who previously worked at the US Pat…

Guest: Dana Dickson

Episode 16: Anne Watson

June 28, 2022

Business Strategist and Coach, Anne Watson, helps female creative online entrepreneurs think like a business so they can inspire like a boss. This includes helping all your ideas take shape and turning them into a profitable…

Guest: Anne Watson

Episode 15: Allie McAllister

June 22, 2022

Known as "The Atlanta Injector", Allie McAllister has been relentlessly pursuing her vision in aesthetics, and bringing women to the forefront of the industry through empowerment and education. Join us as Allie McAllister de…

Episode 14: Debbie Garner

June 9, 2022

Debbie Garner was a GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) Agent for 30 years and has witnessed first hand some of the worst of our society, yet still believes people are mostly good. Join us for a fascinating conversation ab…

Guest: Debbie Garner

Episode 13: Chi Chi Okezie

May 31, 2022

As an ambitious and dynamic child of Nigerian immigrants, Chi Chi Okezie has been creating opportunities for herself throughout her entire life. It is human nature to want to connect with others, but when you add value to th…

Episode 12: Katherine Mason

May 24, 2022

How do you define success? For Katherine Mason, founder and CEO of SculptHouse, success is defined by the incredible obstacles she has had to overcome in launching and growing her business. SculptHouse brings an award-winnin…

Episode 11: Tammy Green

May 17, 2022

What would happen if you decided to embrace vulnerability instead of fearing it? You might find that it is a superpower that allows you to break free from the shame and guilt that holds us back from being our authentic self.…

Guest: Tammy Green

Episode 10: Allison Bittel

May 10, 2022

Allison Bittel has been a trailblazer her entire career. From choosing to pursue a career in the male-dominated commercial real estate industry to launching The Women's Collective, she has been a powerful voice for diversity…

Episode 9: Jesslyn Rollins

May 3, 2022

Imagine being a recent college graduate starting out in your career, when your father tells you about this great product he invented, and asks for your help in building a company around it. This is how Jesslyn Rollins was br…

Episode 8: Monica McCoy

April 26, 2022

Award winning motivational speaker, author, global diversity expert and business strategist, Monica McCoy, talks to Angela Gennari about building your personal brand and establishing your value to an organization. Join us as…

Guest: Monica McCoy

Episode 7: Stephanie Stuckey

April 19, 2022

Stephanie Stuckey is the road trippin', pecan lovin', branding genius CEO of Stuckey's, a company founded by her grandfather in 1937 with $35 and a borrowed truck. Listen to this fascinating story about how Stuckey's was sol…

Episode 6: Cindy Abel

April 12, 2022

Gandhi said "be the change you wish to see in the world" and Cindy Abel is doing just that. Former interim CEO of Hands on Atlanta, and Founder of Liv2Bme, Cindy grew frustrated with the negative impact that social media is …

Guest: Cindy Abel

Episode 5: Dr. Joni Collins

April 5, 2022

Dr. Joni wants us to look and feel great from the inside-out! When you feel good, true beauty radiates from within. Dr. Joni Collins founded Twelve Twenty Eight Wellness to provide custom aesthetic and regenerative services …

Episode 4: Jenna Banks

March 29, 2022

Jenna Banks, Author of "Love Yourself More: How To Find Happiness and Success Through Self-Love", talks with Angela Gennari about her passion for helping women recognize how PowerFULL they are, and how to tap into their inne…

Guest: Jenna Banks

Episode 3: Teresa Rivero

March 22, 2022

Her grandfather was the last President-Elect of Cuba before Castro took over and her family was exiled and forced too start over in a foreign country, so Teresa Rivero  truly understands the value of an opportunity. Overcomi…

Guest: Teresa Rivero